Camera Shy? Not Any More!

You've found the antidote for:
  • Butterflies & Sweating
  • Stuttering & Umm-ing
  • Self consciousness
  • Stiffness - "Deer In Headlights"
  • Fast talking, Hands Flailing - "Over The Top"

Want the insider secrets that will make you comfortable, confident and get your videos, vlogs or webinars watched?

Got an online job interview where you MUST present yourself authentically and confidently on camera?

Need to project your competence and authority on video conference calls with clients via Skype or ichat?

Got a TV interview where you want to be relaxed, confident and energized and not trash all the work you’ve done on branding, advertising and positioning for your company, product or book?

"We've got your back...and front!"
Jenn Flaa, CEO Vettanna ToGo


When you are authentic, you connect with your audience. It’s that connection that converts watchers to buyers.

    "Getting media training can make you feel very vulnerable, but Vettanna ToGo’s approach doesn’t put you on the defensive. You leave understanding YOURSELF better.

    You don’t leave with a checklist of "Don’t say this, don’t do that"; rather you leave with the sense that you know what to do to have an even better connection with the host and audience."

    Angela Jia Kim, CEO Om Aroma & Savor The Success


Are you ready for the 3 steps that turns the camera into your friend so you can harness the power of video?

Vettanna ToGo – The Confidence To Be Yourself On Camera